TISCO won the Best Breakthrough Award from General Electric

Recently, TISCO was invited to participate in the Global Supplier Conference of General Electric (hereinafter referred to as GE) Hydropower Company of the United States and won the "Best Breakthrough Award". TISCO has become a major supplier of high-grade magnetic steel sheets for GE hydropower by virtue of its excellent product quality, technical service level and new product development capabilities.

GE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydropower equipment and systems. The installed hydropower capacity accounts for 25% of the world’s total. Tianjin GE is GE’s largest hydropower equipment production base in the world, accounting for about 20% of my country’s large-scale hydropower equipment market share. A combination of hydro-generators with a total installed capacity of more than 60 million kilowatts. As GE’s award speech prepared for TISCO stated: “TISCO has leading technologies in the fields of silicon steel, magnetic steel, and stainless steel, and has successively broken through the technical difficulties of various steel materials. Related products have successfully replaced imports and established a safe and stable raw material supply chain. Lays a good foundation for the development of domestic enterprises." For many years, TISCO has always adhered to the concept of "customer-centric" and "achieving mutual benefit and win-win in long-term cooperation", and has worked with GE to develop high-grade yoke magnetic pole steel for hydropower. field.

In 2016, TISCO became the first company in the world to pass the batch certification of 750MPa high-strength yoke steel. In 2017, TISCO and Tianjin GE signed a contract for the production of yoke steel for the first unit in Wudongde, becoming the first supplier of yoke steel for 28 units in the Wudongde and Baihetan projects. Subsequently, the cooperation between TISCO and GE went abroad, and the products were successfully used in India's SOLU and GE Pakistan's hydropower projects. TISCO has fully demonstrated the spirit of high efficiency, professionalism, and win-win cooperation in the cooperation, and has won the trust of GE by providing refined management throughout the process and customized services with warmth.

With the application of TISCO's hydropower steel products to key projects at home and abroad, the products are highly recognized by hydropower equipment manufacturers and owners, and the domestic market share is in a stable leading position. In the future, TISCO and GE will continue in-depth cooperation in the fields of wind power, hydropower, photovoltaics and other renewable energy, promote the localization of high-end steel in the field of renewable energy, and help achieve the green development goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality at an early date.